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1) What is the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers?

2) How do I set up the cut line?

When it comes to custom shape cut stickers and labels the cut line plays a very important role. Don't worry; we will set this up for you and send you the online proof for approval. You can suggest us the changes if required while proofing until you are happy.

3) Will the stickers leave any residue adhesive on the surface?

All of our stickers, labels will leave some adhesive normally called as residue. The longer the sticker, label is on the surface, higher the chances of sticker leaving residue onto the surface. However, with a little bit of cleaner or soap water will be able to remove the residue. 

4) What margins are essential in sticker design. 

We prefer margin of 0.1 inch in the design. All important content also should be 0.1 inch inside from the edge of the sticker. Also we need a minimum of 0.1 inch border around the sticker to accommodate the cutting process. 

5) Are the stickers or labels water proof. 

Stickers and labels which are laminated and will resist water and oil. We recommend you to purchase a test quantity and test the stickers on actual product and working conditions to be extra sure for the intended application.

6) What file format are needed to print stickers and labels?

We prefer PNG (with transparent background) or PDF in CMYK mode for better color reproduction.

7) Will my colors print accurately ?

We try to match the colors in the design but with the color difference between monitors and printing process there is chance that the colors will not be exact to whats being shown on the screen. We recommend designing with CMYK color model for better accuracy.

8) CMYK or RGB?

We print with CMYK process colors so even if your design is in RGB format we will convert it into CMYK mode and this might result in color shift in the printing.

9) How does proofing works?

When you select an approximate sticker size in the order and upload the file, we check the design and make necessary adjustments like color model and cut path. We then send the proof indicating the cut line and updated size to you with the exact pricing for the revised size. You can request the changes to us until you are satisfied with the proof. Once the proof is updated we will create a draft order for you to make the payment. When we receive the payment we will process the order and courier the order to you.

10) Can I change the address for shipping?

You can change the address to shipping before the order is shipped. Once the order is shipped you will have to collect it from the address supplied while placing the order. 

11) How accurate is the proof?

These digital proofs are not accurate for color. We have little control over whats been seen on your viewing device. The issue is all our monitors or screens show RGB colors while we print in CMYK colors and there is chance that the color may seem different once printed. We aim to print as close to your actual colors though. 

12) Do you match PANTONE colors?

We covert all PANTONE colors in CMYK colors while printing. There is chance that the colors may seem different once printed than that of the design. We request you not to use PANTONE colors while designing. 

13) Can I request changes after the proof is approved?

No, once the proof is approved we immediately queue it for production and aim to deliver it to you as soon as possible. 

14) Why did the size of the sticker changed during proofing?

Size changes are necessary in most of the cases to maintain the aspect ratio. e.g. if you order a sticker size of 4X4 inches and your artwork is say 4X3.2 inches we will update the pricing for the revised size and you would not have to pay for the 4X4 inches size. 

15) Whats the right resolution for artwork?

We recommend the artwork at 300 DPI or more. In case your artwok is not at the minimum resolution for printing we will communicate the same to you and you will need to send us revised artwork with 300 DPI resolution. Lesser than 300 DPI the printing quality will not be perfect.

16) What kind of changes we can we suggest changes during proofing

We do apply cut line and size change (If the native resolution permits). We do not design the artwork from scratch.

17) Can we put multiple designs in one order?

We need only one design per order. In case of sticker sheet you can put as many designs as possible as long as they are min 1 inch size and placed apart 0.25 inches, 0.25 inches away from the edge of the design.

18) What is the minimum font size for text in the design?

We recommend minimum font size of 7 or more. 

19) Do you offer phone support?

Sure; give us a call at 9860947486 or 020 25289833 for any queries. 

20) Do you provide GST invoice?

Sure. Please mention your GST number and we will send you a GST invoice for your order.